After a beautiful weekend and Monday (it was in the low 80's yesterday) We had more snow today. Poor little plants all covered in snow. Brian has been in Philadelphia for a quick audition. He is on his way home and just called from a Phoenix layover. Sadly, we forgot to send him with the small camera. He sent a photo of the Liberty Bell to my phone.

We are supposed to be back up to 70 degrees on Friday. This is a good thing because we are photographing the wedding of our good friend Malia's sister on the 18th. The wedding involves a luau, so I am excited to shoot it!

Colin's cousin Mallory was here today. He loves her and is really quite sweet. He kept bringing her cars to play with (but then was a little disturbed that they would go in her mouth). In the photo, they are watching Curious George together. I heard him explaining a few little things to her, like shapes and things from his Winnie the Pooh book. He is fairly good with her, but if let to his own devices he wants to rock her more than she likes to be rocked. And he wants to hold her alone and declares "I got you!" We will never be able to turn our backs on him and the new baby.

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  1. Brandon and Becca said...
    No, you can't turn your back. Welcome to my world. Evan is constantly trying to pick up Kyle and drag him around. Everything always seems a little bit too vigorous. It's a bit nerve racking. But I think it's getting better.
    Erin said...
    Definitely do not turn your back! I seond Brandon and Becca.

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