Nine Months

First 9 month collage. I have a collage problem.

Brian is in Boston for the week (Haydn’s Creation with Boston Baroque). For fun Colin and I went out to my brother's this morning. This is his little girl Mallory who is almost nine months. She is sharing many of her cute baby girl clothes and accessories with our upcoming girl, which is very, very nice. She came home with us so my brother could go to a meeting and she has been growling at me. I think she needs a new diaper. Speaking of diapers, while at my brother's Colin needed two diaper changes and I only had one diaper. I borrowed one of Mallory's size two diapers (and Colin wears size five.) My brother said it was like a little diaper thong.

Mallory has great eyes and is very sweet natured.

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  1. andi said...
    I love the last shot! What are you doing monday? Call me.

    (Don't you love it when a comment becomes an email?)

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