New (old) lenses

Brian here
Ann has always shot with Nikon equipment, but we neglected to realize (for a couple years now) that all her great old manual lenses (which she obtained from her father, who did great research before buying a lot of superb lenses) work with our digital SLR. They don't meter through the camera, so it's a bit of a guessing game, but it's so easy to do a little trial and error with digital. There are a couple really fast lenses that do very fun and extreme things with selective focus, and a portrait lens which was described as LEGENDARY by one online source. I wasted most of the day yesterday cleaning them up and playing around.

Our digital lenses are way to0 slow to shoot in this kind of light without flash or boosting the ISO very high (which makes for grainy shots). And we do prefer not using flash when possible.

Colin playing with his little pioneer spinning toy.

Ann's mom has planted a lot of daffodils over the years on the hillside west of the house. We look at them occasionally to remember that it IS spring, despite the frigid weather we've been having. It snowed this week. BOO.
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  1. peteanfamily said...
    wow, I'm very happy you made this dicovery ! My brother in law uses also some old lenses for Pentax, (with an adaptor, since they don't fit in), and he is also very happy with them. so,it seems the old good things will always be good !

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