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Brian here
This morning I baked some bread. The bread pictured above. I am very excited about this bread. I have always wanted to make crusty rustic loaves, but never knew how. But now I've found an amazing recipe that is crazy easy. It involves about 15 seconds of kneading. The loaves are cooked inside a dutch oven inside a very hot oven. The sealed dutch oven mimics the qualities of professional steam injected ovens. The steam is what makes this incredibly crisp yet chewy crust. The interior soft, a bit dense and a little chewy. The flavor reminds me of our daily visits to the many patisseries in Paris. And did I say how easy it is? I'm seriously going to bake bread several times a week.

Just wanted to share a little close up of the beautiful crust. I love the long glutinous strands around the bubbles. Mmmm....glutinous strands.
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  1. Erin said...
    How about sharing the recipe for this amazingly easy and tasty bread? I need a bit of France right here:)
    Julie said...
    Ah, pan fresca. Impressive! Your loaf is quite nice looking. I'd love a copy of you recipe.
    Brandon and Becca said...
    Okay, that looks amazing. Your going to have to email me the recipe or tell me where to find it.
    Ann said...
    Brian was a little naughty to not post the recipe, but he wanted people to ask for it. (He also did not want people to know how easy it is.) He is just on his way to Philadelphia, but I will look it up and post the recipe. The bread was really amazing. Colin also loves some crusty bread and ran off with the last piece after breakfast. I also need to learn how to make it. I think we will be making it several times a week. If only our Costco would be consistent in carrying Boursin cheese so we could have a little bit of France everyday. --Ann
    april said...
    i'd like the recipe too! it does look divine.

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