Spring, finally?

We met up with this cute family on Temple Square yesterday for some photos. This is my sister-in-law's sister's family. For a Christmas gift, my brother and sister-in-law paid me to do a family sitting for them. On my very old photo website (like seven years ago) I offered photography gift certificates. It is a lovely thing when people give the gift of photos. Since we will need more photo work to fill in the money gap with the new baby coming, please let me know how we can help! (Brian is doing a great job supporting us through opera, and had a phenomenal year. However he chose to take some time off for the baby which meant saying no to some work. We did have the great news that he is singing the Pearl Fishers with Seattle Opera this next January! As working with Seattle Opera has been one of his goals, we are very happy. In the mean time we need to budget a little better thanks to the way Uncle Sam dings us for being self-employed.)

Anyway, it was finally a beautiful day yesterday in the 60's. It is supposed to be up to 80 by Monday, so I think it was our one day of Spring. Temple Square was lovely, and the kids did really well.

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