Brian in Boston

Brian was in Boston all last week to sing the tenor role in Franz Josef Haydn's "The Creation". He loved singing the piece again, and the concert was very well-received. Here is a bit from the Boston Globe's review:

Tenor Brian Stucki was superb, with a bright, easy tone that maintained sweetness even in heavier moments; he adopted subtle personae throughout, be it his droll reminder to Adam and Eve to stay out of trouble, or the roguish glint in his eye as hell's spirits were cast down.

(Here is the link to the full article if so desired) I am very happy things went to well for him. He will be back in Boston in early December for several Messiah performances with the Handel and Haydn Society, which was the first performing organization to present Messiah on American soil.

My brother and sister-in-law were able to come to one of the performances from CT. They overheard some older ladies talking about how Brian was something like, delicious, or melts in your mouth (Pat and April will have to fill in the details). Brian has a way with older women. I wish I could have been there but considering a few difficult factors, Colin and I stayed home. The baby was on strict orders to not be born while Brian was gone and she did a good job. She is now welcome anytime, well, after Brian's commitments this weekend. She will choose a good birthday.


  1. april said...
    sorry it has taken me a while to respond. the quote was something like: "isn't that tenor great (??handsome) - he just melts in your mouth like candy!" they said it to my friend april.

    anyhoo, brian really did a great job. i finally posted about it on my blog. look forward to seeing you in december (and july).
    peteanfamily said...
    hi there !!! we are sooo happy for Brian's review, he really deserves it, he has a beautiful tenor voice !!!

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