No news is no news

Still pregnant. Thanks for the calls and emails, but yes, baby girl is still happy in her womb home. I am a day or two short of 40 weeks and my official due date is not until the end of the month, but since Colin was 10 days old by this point in his pregnancy, we are anxious to meet our baby girl. Last Tuesday it really seemed like things were getting started but then they stopped. I am anti-induction unless there is a medical reason, but I see why women (and doctors) opt for that option. I have been reading about all the preparations the baby is going through even until the very end (babies stock up on mom's iron since breast milk does not have much iron, and it is a time for baby to get extra antibodies above and beyond what is passed on via breast milk). I am happy she is getting extra time and we are taking time to rest and further prepare. We are trying to stay busy with Colin. We took him to Wheeler Farm yesterday and to a movie this afternoon. Anyway, Colin's birth was easy because I had about one day of early labor and then my water broke and he was here eight hours later. I hope that maybe this is a more laid back baby since she seems happy to just hang out. Colin kind of burst into the world and has not stopped. This baby girl is still carrying really high and seems to be pocking her bum out to the world. We supersticiously are not getting everything ready (like the bag to take to the birth center) because we will need something to do in early labor and if we are too ready she will wait until June. Anyway. . . think good birth thoughts for us.
Our good friend Alisa
and her husband Lonnie welcomes their twins into the world last week so that is the most exciting baby news we have. We are so happy for the new parents and hope to join them with two children sometime soon!


  1. april said...
    i've been refraining from calling since i don't know how helpful "is the baby here yet?" discussion is, but we've been thinking of you and jump everytime the cell phone rings. i'm hoping for another May birthday in the family!
    april said...
    oh, and i had looked up alisa's blog earlier. very exciting. a boy and a girl. i hope she gets to take them home soon. that's one thing with your baby cooking longer is that hopefully no scary nicu visits.
    jungleprincess said...
    You hang in there! I'm glad your body is doing such a great job of growing your baby still. Baby girl will come when she's ready. If you get really antsy and have tried all the "home induction" techniques, try acupuncture/acupressure.

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