Since we finally have some nice weather, the garden Green Man is up and running again. My mom picked him up when they lived in England, and here is a bit from Wikipedia about the tradition: Found in many cultures around the world, the Green Man is often related to natural vegetative deities springing up in different cultures throughout the ages. Primarily it is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, or "renaissance," representing the cycle of growth each spring.
It is nice to have a little vegetative deity looking out for us. We have loved watching spring finally come. Even just earlier this week there was hardly any ivy around the green man, and in a few days it has exploded. Sadly, we will be enjoying weather in the 90's in the next few days. Colin loves to be wet. This was after the run in with the sprinkler.
Here is one of Colin's water stations. You can see lots of Brian's and my Mom's seedling outside. They are HUGE now and many have made their way into the garden. We have tons extra tomato plants if interested. . .
Colin got a new used car this week. A neighbor whose daughter is getting rid of things her kids have out-grown hooked us up, and Colin has been so happy. We love it too because he will stay in one place playing with the car for a few minutes at a time. (This does not happen much outside.)
He is also learning about gas, and he will one day realize the good deal that his car gets. He is filling up with premium grade and purchased over 12 gallons for $14. Sounds like a dream. We are still very, very happy with our hybrid car (about 50 miles a gallon).

Again, Colin playing with water. Sadly, Colin has had a strange cough for a few weeks now and after a full round of amoxicillin, the doctor put him on a stronger antibiotic. He has only had three doses of the new medicine but has had 5 diarrhea diapers. For this I am very happy for extra plastic pants to go over the diaper and save me from so many changes of clothing. (I got the plastic pants the day before we went to France because he had diarrhea. That is the last thing I wanted to deal with on a trans-Atlantic flight, but things went well and it was Brian sick on the plane and not Colin.) Poor little guy though, as we do not want his bum to get sore and hate to see him a little sick. We wonder if the cough is better than the effects of the antibiotics. It is weird because he has very mild symptoms (slight runny nose) but then this hacking cough that does not want to go away. It does not seem like allergies or asthma. Maybe he is a secret smoker. So we will see what the doctor wants after this round.
AND, no baby yet. I am 39 weeks so I feel like a time bomb. Colin was born by this time, which makes me feel like I have been pregnant forever. We went on a long walk this morning but I did not even feel any contractions. Brian commented today that our life is a bit monotonous so we should shake things up by having a baby. Yeah, that would be nice. My feet are getting very swollen and Brian affectionately calls them little sausages. This is quite nice because they are actually big sausages. I'm achy and it is hard to move, but we are trying to stay active. Brian is having both sympathy pregnancy pain and an upset stomach in honor of Colin. How sweet.

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  1. april said...
    or maybe he just inherited a michael hinckley cough with the name? i do hope they find out what the cause or it goes away soon. two rounds of antibiotics with a kid in diapers: yuck! add 39 weeks pregnant to that and i think you should earn some type of award somewhere.

    anyhoo, like the green man info and pics of colin in the car. we're excited to hear of that little girl's arrival.
    Ann said...
    I have wondered if Colin just wants to be like Papa with the cough too, but Colin is getting better (and sadly, Dad a little worse). And I am glad the baby has not been born into a world of diarrhea. Both my Stucki boys are doing much better.

    I am having some signs of early, preliminary labor, which I hope do not go on for weeks (but could). I see why people want to be induced but have been re-reading all the amazing preparations the body makes to get the baby ready even at the very end so I'll just keep waiting.
    malia said...
    This was such a funny post. You are great Ann! :)

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