First harvest

Brian here

This spinach is our first garden produce of the year. Not bad for May.

Red Onions. Ann's mom was out doing some watering and saw me come over to the garden (again). She walked over to comment on how out of control my obsession with the garden has become. I was just laying on my stomach to take a picture of the onions when she arrived. Point taken.

Yukon Gold potatoes

Top view of a Brandywine tomato plant. Brandywines are an Amish heirloom breed. One of the tastiest varieties out there. We have 22 tomato plants in the garden- 6 varieties. Yes, it is overkill. But no other type of produce better illustrates the huge gulf that exists between supermarket and garden fresh vegetables (fruits).

It's a big garden.

It was a great sunset tonight. Here's a shot of the grapes. People sometimes think there is a graveyard up on the property when they see the grape trellises from a distance.

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  1. april said...
    beautiful sunset shots. and i agree, there is a stark difference between home-grown and store-bought tomatoes. i'm sad that i don't live close enough to take some of those plants. happy gardening! (and then canning too??)
    Julie said...
    What an incredible sunset, nice photos. The grapevines totally look like an old cemetery!
    How is Ann doing? I hope she's feeling well.
    Ann said...
    Sorry that you can't benefit from the garden, and that we will not have any canning done this summer to bring to the cabin. Even if you came after the canning, glass bottles are not the most convenient to take home across the country.
    GrittyPretty said...
    i'm painfully jealous of your grapes, especially come September. if you guys need help harvesting...

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