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We have enjoyed almost an entire week together as a family. My parents are in Seattle and things have been quiet. We are trying to get a few things in order while we can, but we are kind of slow. I'm 38 weeks so it could be any day or it could be June. The baby is still very high, which is such a difference from Colin who stayed low the entire pregnancy. It is possible she will not drop until I am in labor, but I would kind of like some extra room for my lungs. I'm very healthy, including the human baby parasite in my abdominal cavity, who has great strong fetal heart tones. She gets the hiccups a lot and right now is moving so much that the shape of my huge belly keeps shifting. The baby is a lot more portable now, even if I'm just waddling around. Sadly I keep having commitments that keep me from my prenatal yoga class, as it is one thing that still feels really good on my achy pregnant body. Anyway. . . .this pregnancy has gone fast and very slow all at the same time. We are excited to meet the baby and I am sure she will choose a good birth day. I think May 20th would be nice, but we shall see.

We have been spending lots of time with "big toys" at local playgrounds. Colin will now take on any slide and loves climbing everything (including non-toys). He requires many hours outside a day. As we have been getting baby things out, he becomes very obsessed with them. The other day I got out the port-a-crib for my friend's little girl because I had some old roommates from BYU visit. Sadly, we did not take any photos of visiting friends and all their children. Colin has become obsessed with the crib since I got it out. As we have been on the road so much, the port-a-crib was the only crib he knew. He learned how to climb out of it when he was 17 months old so we switched him to a toddler bed. However, he has been only wanting to sleep in the crib and seems to have forgotten how to get out (for now). He also had to take several baths in the infant tub, which he thought was a boat. It will be very interesting to see how he does with a new born.

We are in the process of taking new head shots for Brian. I like this one, but there are still a few more things we are going to try. This is still a very raw photo as Brian has not processed it though photo shop. We were just checking a few things today.

Colin was very bored by the picture taking and just wanted his Dada to chase him. I bought Colin some chocolate yogurt and that is what is all over his mouth. He has had a strange cough, which got him on antibiotics this week. I am happy to have him eat yogurt, even if it is chocolate. He used to love yogurt but has not eaten it well recently. He loves his antibiotics and would have multiple doses at a time if he had his way. It is only his second time on antibiotics and the first did not go so well, so we are pleased. He was so cute at the doctor's office. Any little thing they would check on him he would say "oh thank you" and just loved the whole experience. He remembered that he gets stickers at the doctor's. They had Curious George stickers which were very exciting.
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  1. singin'mama said...
    Rob says Brian's new headshot is sharp. He says you should use that one. Good luck with baby too! We are so excited for you two.
    april said...
    hope she doesn't make you wait too long. glad brian's back and you're all together again and enjoying the beautiful weather.
    april said...
    p.s. at least the weather looks beautiful from the pics. hopefully you haven't had anymore snow.
    lenalou said...

    Glad we were able to track down each other's blogs! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well (and she doesn't take too long to be born...)
    malia said...
    I love this post! I love how Colin was so cute at the Doctor's office. How fun.

    And I can't even imagine being pregnant! I hope you are not too uncomfortable. :)

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