More head shot options

We took a few more head shots today. Here are the options, and we want to see what people like. Below is the current head shot Brian has been using. I still really like it, but with Brian's shorter hair and wanting to re-do one in color, we have been exploring options.
Option 1-previously posted
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5Here is how Colin dealt with the photo shoot today. It was too much for him.
We had a lovely Mother's Day. I felt very maternal. Brian made cinnamon rolls and a lovely dinner, and gave me a new summer robe. He also took over Colin control during Church, which was very nice.


  1. Erin said...
    Ooh, It's hard to choose. I think my favorites are options 2 and 5.
    peteanfamily said...
    we like nr 3 !!! I liked nr 3, and george said the same :))) !!! When am I gonna shoot some portraits like this of George ???
    april said...
    i like option #5, but admit that i like the dark shirt better in the photo. maybe i'm with mrs. m - option #2 is a good one of the dark colored shirts.
    singin'mama said...
    I like number 3. Not to be weird or anything, but it's actually kind of sexy. Brian usually has such a youthful look to his face that this shows a more rugged side. But seriously, overall I think it has a very sophisticated look to it. Maybe you could let Rob borrow your long locks sometime!
    mel said...
    My vote is for #3 and #5, but they all look very nice!
    malia said...
    I like #3 the best. :)

    Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. You certainly deserve it!
    andi said...
    I am voting for #5. It shows more chin.

    (We are going to on vacation for the next 4 weeks (I know, we're crazy!) but I wanted to wish you good luck and I will be checking in!

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