Memorial Day

After a very rainy Memorial Day, we had a pleasant evening so we headed over to leave some family flowers. Colin kept himself busy by examining things left at graves. He loves flags.
Grand parents
I wanted a nice photo with Colin and my huge belly, but Colin was not having it.

Sadly we have a niece and a nephew buried here. We know their spirits are not here but are being well taken care of. My brother, whose son is the front grave, once reminded us of my great uncle who also lost a daughter and spoke about how the loss of a child is like an investment in eternity. I know our families will continue after this lifetime.

Colin loves water. He also has been very attached to wearing his orange coat again.

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  1. april said...
    thank you for visiting Ben's grave. i appreciate it.
    april said...
    ok, annie, my sister-in-law is in labor and we are waiting to hear the news. (she's at a 10 and should be able to push soon.) anyhoo, hope this kicks you into labor. (i went into labor with grace a few hours after i heard my sister had her baby! so you guys aren't quite sisters, but let's think good thoughts here!)
    malia said...
    Very sweet post. It is great to know that families continue beyond this life, isn't it? And I love the first picture!

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