Baby in the Holy Land

Colin needed some time to run around at the Pools of Bethesda.

Brief view into a market square. Just up from this Arch was an art/artifacts merchant who had a sign in his window proclaiming- "My money and my daughter go to BYU". As we were musing on this, he came out and introduced himself. Apparently, he felt BYU was a good acadamic institution with great moral/ethical groundings, so off to Provo went his daughter. He had interacted with some quite exceptional members of the Church- Elder Jeffrey Holland had signed his guest book, and he showed us pictures and spoke fondly of his interactions with Truman Madsen. He didn't think we could be Mormons at first because of Brian's beard, but we assured him that the BYU grooming standards are not a matter of salvation (let's hope).
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  1. jungleprincess said...
    Oooh, don't tell D that beards are OK. He might get the wrong idea and start growing one again!!

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