We have yet to buy any mementos, but today I finally bought a couple little things. It is a little funny I came to Israel and bought an Argentine bombilla and new gourd. In our recent move, my mate equipo accidentally was thrown away. So in a random little second hand store they had 3 gourds and bombillas in the window. I do think this mate is quite beautiful, but it may just be a decorative gourd as there is some cement in the top of it.

Colin thinks my mate is a toy but I will teach him to respect it. He was playing with it while we watched Swan Lake on the Russian channel.

I did buy one other little souvenir that actually has a star of David on it. The star of David says it was made in Italy. Crazy.

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  1. april said...
    how tragic! i can't believe your mate equipo got thrown out. oh well, i guess that someone could think a gourd with leaves in it is garbage and it did give you a good excuse to get new "equipo" (is that the right word?) i'm liking the new stuff.

    didn't realize israel was humid. i always thought dry dessert air. is it always humid? glad you survived your three hour walk and good luck finding the place your looking for. maybe next time brian will let you bring a map.

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