Colin's love of animals

Colin is very "doggie" focused these days. Lucky for us, there are lots of people out with their dogs around us in Tel Aviv. If Colin is at all fussy we just tell him to look for doggies and he settles down. He also climbs up a chair in our front room to look out the window for doggies. We spend a lot of time on youtube looking at doggie videos. Tel Aviv also has lots of cats, but the ones we see are strays and just make me a little sad.
Colin also has a new found love for hard boiled eggs. He eats at least 3 a day, and would eat many more given the opportunity. He adores the whites and is getting better at eating the yolk. We figure it is good protein and the eggs really make him so happy.
He also has discovered the fun of putting things in the toilet. We love that discovery.


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