We spent the evening the other night at an Ethiopian restaurant we like. Colin was quite a stinker and did not want to sit in his booster chair for dinner (a recent darling component of his toddler hood). His mischievous expression above kind-of says it all. Lucky for us and for the rest of the restaurant, we were able to be alone on the patio.

This is Brian with our opera friend Louise who is Dorabella in his cast. We spent a fun few days with Louise this week. Colin loves her, and she is very nice and patient with our crazy boy. Louise is originally from Australia, and is in the new Kenneth Branaugh Magic Flute film we are anxious to see. She is the Second Lady (it's the biggest mezzo role in the opera). Maybe some of our friends have already seen it? It looks great. She was teaching Brian about kinesiology and clearing his energy on the patio of the restaurant. At one point another restaurant patron came out to watch the little show.
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