Hot day, long walk

Today was probably the hottest it has been yet for us in Israel. It was in the 90's and very humid (so humid it rained a few times). We wanted to go on a walk to a cool little neighborhood we read about on-line. Sadly we had read about different neighborhoods and so didn't really make it to where I thought we were going (and Brian did not want to look at the map). We did go to the Levinsky Market in one of the old neighborhoods where there are lots of amazing spice, nut and dried fruit shops. I forgot our water bottle, and we got very hot. We came upon this cute little plaza and stopped for some falafel lunch. Then we suddenly realized we had walked to Jaffa. Hmm. . . we were walking at least three and a half hours in the mid-day. Brian and I both got a little sun, but Colin is still quite snowy-white. Maybe someday we will see the historic neighborhood I thought we were going to.

It is strange to us to see members of the military walking around with such large guns. From what we understand, there is a mandatory military service of 2 years (I think, could be wrong).

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