The grotto of Gethsemane. Tradition holds that this is where Christ was betrayed and arrested. A lot of the traditional designations of where things may have happened are somewhat up in the air, but Gethsemane has had a pretty continuous history since the time of Christ. We can say for sure that Colin got some milk from his mommy in the Grotto since it was cool, dark and quiet in there.

One of the ancient olives in Gethsemane. These trees probably date back to the time of Christ and are also traditionally believed to be the silent witnesses of His anguish in the garden. It was very wonderful to see this place, especially since our theology places such a depth of meaning on the events which took place here.

This Olive grove is another part of Gethsemane on the other side of the road. It was behind a locked gate, but we liked the look of it. The "official" garden was planted with roses and landscaped, but somehow this section, with its wild red poppies and more natural appearance seemed more like what we imagined Gethsemane may have looked like when Christ frequented it with his disciples.The Church of All Nations (which we can only assume is named after 'The Cafe of All Nations') is a Fransican Church adjoining the Garden. Ann took the great picture of the Olive tree on the door of the Church.

Colin shared a sweet moment with his Mommy just outside the supposed tomb of Mary. Colin loved exploiting the acoustics in many of the churches we visited in Jerusalem. His noise of choice for the Orthodox church housing Mary's tomb was very resonant and persistent meowing.

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