Colin and I went to meet Brian for his dinner break and on our way home found out about a new holiday. (We had a great dinner picnic with a couple of the other singers. We had probably the best falafel we have yet had, but the Israeli singer we were with said it was not really the traditional falafel.) So I was walking home with Colin through a large square where there are frequently demonstrations. (If you saw in the last few days on the news about the large protest in Tel Aviv calling for a government change, that was where we were. The Square has a sad history too, but I won't mention it now.) I usually just walk by since the protest signs are in Hebrew. As I was going by one of the people came up to me speaking in Hebrew and I apologized that I speak English. He explained to me in English that it is International No Diet Day. They were passing out guilt-free chocolates and had a scale that instead of telling you your weight gave compliments. The scale told me gorgeous, but the guy was afraid he would spell gorgeous wrong so he wrote beautiful on what he called a "certificate". I had no idea this holiday existed and since it is International I just wanted to wish everyone a happy No Diet Day!

I wanted to take a photo of my beautiful Diet Coke. I suppose in honor of No Diet Day, the coke should be full sugar.

Here is a cute candy that is a must. I think it is sugar free because there is a check mark in the tooth on the front.

This is the view of our neighbors. They keep a bird in a cage out on the balcony and other free birds come and seem to keep the caged bird company most of the day. I took the photo from the floor because I was embarrassed to stick my head out the window and take picture. I would not like to see someone taking a photo of my window and then think they might post it on-line. I do feel I have in no way invaded their privacy and I just think it is fun they created a little jungle on their balcony.

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  1. april said...
    liking the holiday and the scale that gives compliments! i want to get on that scale.

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