Pools of Bethesda

Ann has a great love for the story of the healing of the paralytic. It was a component of her church welfare program training. Like Christ, we need to live outside ourselves more- to be sensitive to the needs around us we might be able to fill. Ann has a way of taking simple shots that capture a lot of meaning.

The Bethesda pools are an extensive archeological site. It's interesting that the baths were apparently a popular place of pagan healing. The man healed by Christ was waiting for his chance to bathe in waters, but others kept moving in front of him. I love that Christ just simply told him to rise and walk- no need for complications.

Colin didn't want to look at the camera because there was a kitty prowling arounds the ruins.

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  1. jungleprincess said...
    I also love the Bethesda story. When I saw the title of your post, I immediately thought of our time in welfare training. Now I'm smiling, thinking of our time TEACHING the welfare program together after our missions. Yes, three unsupervised newly returned and slightly rebellious (maybe I'll just say unconventional) RMs on the night shift. :>)

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