Family photo

My niece got a few quick shots of us the other day.

Jane's finger is not there yet, but her intentions are obvious.

Colin and I are preparing for "Mother Boy" with our green jackets.

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  1. SeƱora H-B said...
    Nice AD reference there. Must watch Mother Boy...
    peteanfamily said...
    very nice pics, and great colors !
    miss you !
    Brian said...
    Thanks for picking up on the Arrested Development reference. Motherboy is in no way a goal, just liked how the jackets coordinated.

    And Peteans! We hope to see you in NYC next year. Brian has a concert there in March and it seems like you both will still be there, hopefully!
    (I'm signed in as Brian but it is Ann, too hard to log out.)
    peteanfamily said...
    Well, that's GREAT NEWS !We'll be in NY untill 23rd or 24th of march, so if you don't come after that, we will definately see each other ! I am curious if Colin will still remember us, and we will finaly meet Jane !!!! by that time I think I'll have a new camera :-) !
    well, because the time flyes sooooo quick, it's not gonna be long until we'll see each other again ! cannot wait !
    Anne said...
    I love these! Especially the close-up with Colin looking up at Brian. Wonderful!

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