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Our last weekend in Warsaw was spent with good friends. We were able to meet up with one of Brian's co-workers and her family, we got to spend a lovely evening with the Lewis' (sadly, no photos of either of those events). We also met up with our friend Paola. I offered to take some photos of her and her boyfriend. Here are the kids while we waited outside of the theater for Paola and Tomek.

Thanks for being our kids' playground Warsaw. We really hope to make it back there sometime. Colin is still saying thank you to people in Polish, it is very cute. A lady at Costco who gave us string cheese samples asked me where we were from since Colin yelled "Dziękuję". We love our string cheese.
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Wow, yet another slide show. I am overwhelmed with too many photos.

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  1. Lisa said...
    Thanks for the photos! We loved going to the opera--great job Brian! We had some fun times! Come back and visit us while we're in Poland!

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