Let us all adore him

I found this hairless Playmobile guy paying his respects to baby Jesus. The nativity is by my very talented folk artist sister-in-law. Sorry to post this so late, I think she is doing a give-away on her blog and the end date was today. Her work is very great.

Colin saw me taking photos and re-posed the Playmobile guy so he could smile for the camera and brought some cars to the manger. Brian commented that it is a drive-in nativity. The whole scene reminded me of the Mr. Bean Christmas special, which I showed to Colin today (thank you you tube!). The Mr. Bean Special had Colin asking if there were dinosaurs when Jesus was born. I'm too tired to link to the video, but look it up when you get a chance. The first 5 minutes are all you need, then it is all about Mr. Bean getting a turkey on his head. Mr. Bean's Christmas has been one of my sister's family traditions. One year my young nephew, inspired by Mr. Bean's Christmas morning dance, knocked over the Christmas tree.

Colin is looking very rough these days, thanks to a very naughty child in the McDonalds Playland. Colin was very upset, and the grandparents of the child who did the scratching were horrified. (Naughty child did not want to share one of the cars that are part of the play structure.) We have been practicing with Colin to yell "no scratching!" and "no hitting!" to hopefully help him scare his attacker and get adult help in the future. Poor little guy! Hope he heals quickly.

Jane had some great bed head this morning. Here she is, in motion, attacking the tree.
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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    Thanks, Ann! I ADORE the drive-in nativity. At least you have some Christmas decor at your house -- we're not there yet, but hopefully will be soon. But no cute little ones around to add their own special touches to our decorating . . . *sigh
    Brandon and Becca said...
    Perhaps Collin could say "No scratching!" with a shove of the offending child in the opposite direction. Personally, I would have a hard time not counseling Evan not too just head-butt the little twerp. Probably good to take the high road. Hope Collin wasn't too traumatized. Give him a love for us.
    Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    Ann, that picture of Jane's bed head totally reminds me of little Ann, like mother, like daughter.

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