For the benefit of family who have not seen baby Mia recently, she is pretty darling.

A recent tea party with Nana. Since this Curious George tea set has been so well loved by my kids, Nana is getting a new one for Christmas. It is a darling set, and we have had many, many lemonade tea parties. Colin was so funny when we got the new tea set. We ordered it on amazon (thank you amazon prime!) and Colin "helped" me open it. I told him it was a surprise for Christmas and not to tell Nana. The thought of not telling her was too much, he rushed to tell her he knew a surprise and at one point could not help himself and blurted out "Curious George Tea Set!". She did not hear him and with the initial excitement over, we may be safe. My mom does not look at the blog so I feel pretty safe here. We are getting very excited for Christmas this week.
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  1. Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    Mia is darling. I love her big, dark eyes.

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