Happy Birthday

My Dad would have turned 74 today. We miss him a lot. Fairly soon after he died I was talking to the nurse who attended us when Jane was born and her consoling words about losing a parent were that it only gets harder. I understand that better now. It is sweet because Colin really talks about him a lot and has memories of sharing hot dogs and chocolate milk with Papa Mike. They were very sweet little friends. A happy toddler in the house made his last couple years a little brighter.

To celebrate his birthday, I had Brian restore this old photo and framed it for my mom. We like it because there is mischief in his eyes. Judging on the amount of hair, he was probably still a teenager, the teenager my mom fell in love with (they were high school sweethearts). We tried to take my mom out to dinner tonight but she was tired (she works at the Church Museum on Mondays) so the better gift was for us to leave and give her a quite house.


  1. Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    That is a very wonderful picture of Dad. I appreciate your post and do agree with what your nurse said.
    susan m hinckley said...
    Ann, that was so sweet! I love that picture of your Dad and I don't think I've ever seen it. It captures his personality really well. Russ says the same thing, actually -- that he misses his Dad more all the time. I guess it takes some time to sink in, especially since we're used to not seeing him a lot. But Russ spends a lot of time just looking at Mike's rifles and I know when he's doing that he's just thinking about his Dad. I was thinking about him all day on his birthday. Thanks for the lovely post.

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