Brian was tipped off by our neighbors about the Utah Symphony's Here Comes Santa program today. I had noticed it in the program from when Brian sang with the Utah Symphony two weeks ago but did not really think about it. (Brian sang the tenor solos in Haydn's Creation. It was lovely, such a great piece. We liked having a job at home, very novel.)
I brought the wrong lens for low light, but above are Colin and Jane before the symphony started, Jane in motion, of course. It was great to take the kids to somewhere Daddy has worked to try and put it in context for Colin. For awhile when I was pregnant with Jane and Brian had a few concert gigs that we stayed home for, Colin thought Daddy's work was to sing on airplanes. He knew his job was singing but since we were always taking him to the airport, singing on airplanes made sense to his then 2 year old brain.

Colin's face does a good job at summarizing our experience. He was very thirsty about half way into the concert. It got a little crazy. Thankfully I had some Mentos in my purse that got us through. Thanks Mentos, the Freshmaker.

Probably the best part, Santa! A really good Santa! Colin was so excited and told him he wants a light saber. We told Santa we would leave him some cookies. I am much happier to take our kids to see Santa at the Symphony than at a mall, seems appropriate for children of the arts. (Not that we don't go to malls, we go to malls way too much when we are traveling as a source of entertainment, just happy to support the Symphony.)

The little guy next in line is really great too.

We will have to try and make this an annual tradition, depending on our travel schedules.
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  1. The Wards said...
    I haven't mentioned how much I LOVE Colin's insane green dress coat! I love when parents dress their children the way they dress themselves. Your children are such a wonderful reflection of your fabulous lives! I am addicted to your blog. I need to be better with my own!

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