So we don't forget

I need to do a better job at writing down the cute things Colin says. He has some pretty good ones these days. A while back while we were in Poland, I noticed he needed some help cleaning up his bum. He asked why (of course, everything is why and what does it mean) and I told him I did not want him to get an itchy bum. He told me "but I want an itchy bum! I want an itchy bum for my birthday!"

When he bonked his head the other day, he came running in to tell me and was so upset because he hit his head right where his brain is.

We were having a music time the other morning and he asked about the ABCD player.

When we served him some egg nog the other day, he came running into the kitchen from the dinning room to tell us egg nog is delicious. It was funnier at the time, looses something in the re-telling.

When we had enchiladas a while back, he was excited they were served with sour cream. He wanted a big serving. When he tasted it, he declared it disgusting cream, as I think he was expecting the sweet kind.

Colin wanted to make a snow man but I told him there might not be enough snow. His answer to me was that maybe we could just make one without a head.

Anyway, just so I remember.

Jane is also a chatter box little parrot. She loves songs. She has quite a few she sings, not totally with all the words but she has the tunes down. She has such a cute and funny personality.

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  1. The Wards said...
    I love the snotty nose Jane! You could be one of my children!
    Ann said...
    Yes, it is that snotty time of year, pretty much until Spring.

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