We were the recent lucky recipients of Brian's grandparent's high chair. They had offered it to us before and I tried to figure out how to take it apart to fit in our small car but to no avail. Brian's aunt and uncle traveled from Boise to SLC a few weeks back, had room for it and brought us this piece of family history. Brian's dad, the oldest of five kids was the first in this high chair, and I am sure countless grand kids and great grand kids have taken their meals here. I did not want it just given to good will, and it really is in great shape. We are happy to have it in our home.

Jane was eating Thanksgiving leftovers. A couple days after the big meal, Brian made turkey soup and I made sweet potato gnocchi to eat in the soup. It was very, very tasty. We almost liked our left overs more than the first meal.

Jane enjoys the noise the metal foot rest makes when she kicks her legs. Such a beautiful chair! How many high chairs bought today will look this good almost 60 years later?

Jane also slept in her Grandpa Hinckley's baby bassinet from 1935. She is growing up with a lot of her grandfathers' physical histories.
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  1. Jeanette said...
    I'm so jealous. finds like that, in mint condition, so awesome.
    Vanessa Houssian said...
    That chair is so vintage! Awesome.

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