We made it to the top and back of Sabino Canyon, 8 miles round trip, with 5 kids (two four year olds and 3 1 year olds!) It was a beautiful day, mild weather with a lovely breeze for our trip down the canyon. I loved seeing all the water up the canyon, since we spend so much time jogging along rivers that do not exist in this season. The kids were great and it was fun to chat with Juliet (my former roommate from our last year of undergraduate but a friend Brian and I met our freshman year). She has a large double stroller that accommodated the twins and the 4 year olds (sitting on the front). It was quite a sight to behold. I am quite proud of us all for still getting out and doing things, even with 5 kids between us all.

The four year olds enjoyed the wild flowers.

Brian got these great photos while I was trying to keep Jane from throwing herself from a cliff. I love that we are here to see desert flowers!

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  1. rusted sun said...
    Quite impressive. When I first started reading and I saw the photos I thought you had walked with all those kids...sounded quite crazy. I am only just recently started going on walks with my kids with out our stroller.

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