Pie Party!

I picked up one of the local free papers the other day and read about the big Tucson Pie Party (pieparty.org). We quickly felt we should attend, especially since they had used some of Sue Anne's pie graphics and linked to Pie of the Month Club. Brian was not sure if his schedule would allow him time. Lucky for us he had a bonus day off today, allowing him to make a pie, enter a contest, and win!

1st place for the fruit category! It actually was a little sad because that meant we did not get to eat any of the pie, as they were selling the whole pie as part of the fundraiser. We did win dinner for 2 at a local restaurant, which is awesome. Brian was a little embarrassed because he typically makes much more beautiful pies when he is in his own kitchen, but the pie baking goodness showed through!
Brian's disclaimer: Seriously, this is the ugliest pie I've made in years. The stupid little tinfoil pie plate did not accommodate my recipe very well nor did it have a good edge to support my fluted pastry and things got a bit sloppy. Should have scaled it back a bit. When I pulled it out of the oven I thought, oh well, this will never win any awards. Isn't that how it goes?

Colin was VERY excited about winning a ribbon. He was sad we did not win anything with the raffle though.

Colin lost interest in posing with the ribbon.

I know she is out of focus, but I love Jane's concentration and look of "don't bother me."

It was a very clever fundraiser. There were over 200 pies entered in the contests, then after the judging, they invite people to come and sample all the pies, $3 for one slice and $5 for two. They were also actioning off fancy aprons. It was funny too, the organizer of the pie party is Arizona Opera's light board operator. It is a small opera and pie world.

We feel like Tucson old timers now, going up Sabino Canyon, going to U of A's Spring Fling, and now not just attending but winning the local pie contest.

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  1. pieofthemonth said...
    oh man... this is so great! i saw you called the other night while I was driving to germany. was it to tell me about this? I haven't found/unpacked my microphone yet, but will hopefully find it soon so I can get all the juicy pear-filled details!
    CollinsFamily said...
    peteanfamily said...
    wow, how great !!!! I mean, during all these years, I understood from your blog that Brian is a passionate cook, and not only once I was starring(thanks to your beautiful pics) at his pies trying to imagine how they taste like... (here in Eurpe we don't do so often pies..), so all I can say is that they must taste DELICIOUS , since he won , with a "not my home-made" pie !
    Bravo bravissimo BRIAN !

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