The one more thing: alphabet cookies. It has been great hearing from friends about their favorite TJ items so we do not miss anything.

Jane usually looks like this in the morning: crusty yogurt face and no clothes. She recently had three days worth of jammies in her crib since she takes them off as soon as she is awake. She loves to take any clothes off.

Recent Colin antics in our apartment's furniture. This is not an old Colin trick,, just more tricky as he has gotten so big.

Here is Colin in our Mexico City apartment and in our Winston Salem apartment in 2007. Funny kid.
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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    Someone will have to teach him that "one must never shut oneself up in a wardrobe . . ." Sounds like it's time for some Narnia bedtime stories!
    dandlinpoland said...
    I love Trader Joes! My favorite thing is the whole wheat pizza dough! So fun and easy to make delicious and nutritious pizza, but as a TJ fan, you probably know that already. Love seeing your kids pictures!

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