More Easter

More photos from the morning festivities. The kids had a great time. Even Jane kept saying "Easter!" today in a very excited tone. We had a good talk about how the Easter Bunny loves Jesus.

Our friends' neighbors came over to help with the egg hunt and brought their cute dog. Our kids would love a dog but that is not so practical right now.

Jane is only about 7 months older than the twins, but she seems a little like a toddler giant. We have to keep a close eye on her with the girls because she likes to give her powerful, all consuming "loves".

Miss L was asking me about the coke candy. Colin immediately recognized the coke candy as the mommy drink he likes. Shame on me.

Last Easter we were in Hawaii at the Halekulani in Waikiki. They had a lovely Easter party for the kids. (Everything was lovely at that hotel. As we walked around with our two kids and our dirty stroller, we kept expecting the security to ask us if we were lost as we did not look like their typical fancy hotel guests.)

Cute little 3 year old Colin. I love that little excited face.
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