We are in Phoenix for the week, as Arizona Opera performs in both Tucson and Phoenix. We are so lucky because some friend in our church at home offered their house for us to stay in so we could avoid a hotel for the week. We do fine in a hotel for maybe 1-2 days, but it is hard with kids and Brian needs to get good sleep when he is working. So we are very nicely set-up, and we have a fenced yard for the kids. We have also been able to see some old friends and family. Our whole time in Arizona has been very fun with many things to keep us busy.

We had some fun yesterday with a beach ball on a string. I love traveling with blow up beach balls, not much room to pack but a lot of options for fun.

I had not thought Jane would be tall enough, but she did just fine.

We are grateful too because our Tucson apartment has a little patio where the kids love to play. With the nicer weather, I wonder how I kept my kids happy through the cold weather (but as long as it is at least in the 30's, we play outside.) I really have outside kids. Jane enjoys taking her stroller and baby outside and then in again, over and over.

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