Real Arizona

We have had lots of haphazard adventures, most of which have involved long jogs trying to find more and more playgrounds. We are staying right by a great series of paths that follow the Rilito River. We found a playground going East so we thought we could find one going West too. We finally found one nearly 3 miles from our apartment, which meant about a six mile jog in the mid-day Arizona sun. (We were prepared with water, snacks, sunscreen, and happy kids so we were lucky.) There was a Spring Fling carnival just a few blocks from our apartment and sadly, I forgot the camera. It would have been a great evening for photos since there was such pretty light in the late evening. We also headed up Sabino Canyon for a quick trip since Brian had to get to a rehearsal. Brian had wanted to find a real Taco Time cactus. The photo above is pretty good, no?

We can't wait to get back up here with a little more time, since we only could only go a couple miles. The landscape is beautiful, but we do not love all the signs warning of mountain lions. Colin especially had a lot of questions about mountain lions. He recently told me "I have so many questions in my body." We then discussed how his brain works and that is where the questions come from. Our friend pointed out that all of his questions are most likely spilling out of his brain into his bloodstream as there are SO many questions!

Jane was in danger of taking an early nap (which ruins her normal nap and makes for a very grumpy girl later in the day). To keep her awake she took a Daddy ride in the mei tai, and had a great time.

Colin fell asleep in the stroller, and slept for close to 3 hours. He had to catch up from a lot of late nights. I also think he is hitting another growth spurt since he is a bottomless food pit these days.

Brian had Friday night off so we wandered around Downtown Tucson. We went to the Good Will store and bought some new used sun hats, and headed to DQ. Colin loved the Star Kiss. I guess we did not clean his face very well because it was still stained red the next morning from the top of the Star Kiss. Colin also changes into his swim suit shirt and shorts most days. (He will start in different clothes but as soon as he sees his swim wear he quickly changes.)

Jane was all business with Daddy's Blizzard.

We are enjoying our early summer.
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