This is the view pretty much outside the door of our apartment in Tucson. As we do not have Trader Joe's in Utah, we love the chance to take advantage of all the goodies they have to offer while we are traveling. I was talking to an old friend the other day. When she asked how our apartment was and I told her we are next door to a Trader Joe's she simply said, "say no more!" I think it was Brian's brother who recently went to Trader Joe's for the first time and was underwhelmed. Just for you Brandon, here are a few of the good things from Trader Joe's that have made their way into our temporary home's pantry, and our hearts. I really, really love Trader Joe's!

We love the Righteous Rounds, and even though they are cookies, they are a great little size and have some added secret vegetable concentrates, etc. Brian wanted the almonds that are covered in chocolate with sea salt the other day but tragically they were out and we had to do with the cocoa almonds. We love all their chocolate.

The Cilantro dressing is very nice. We like it even more than the Cafe Rio stuff since it is more tangy and less like ranch dressing. Not from Trader Joe's, but Colin got some Maraschino Cherries in his Easter basket. He loves his cherries.

The mini ice cream treats are the perfect size for kids and a yummy little treat.

Colin chose a watermelon as his Trader Joe's treat the other day. It is a great store for kids because there are little kid shopping carts and the kids get a treat when they put the cart away. They had a fun egg hunt the day before Easter throughout the store.

Wonderful cheeses! Great Maple Syrup!

We fell in love with the frozen Chicken Enchiladas from a Detroit Trader Joe's about 4 years ago. They are very, very great. We also love a lot of the frozen Indian food, the fresh naan bread, the goat cheese pizza, the hummus, awesome yogurts (we're going through the Greek yogurt options), our list really goes on and on and on! We hope to eat less packaged foods (really hard to do on the road) but at least we can read and understand the ingredients listed in the Trader Joe's foods. Anyway, I'm a little obsessed and since it is next door, there have been several days when we have been there more than once in a day.

Trader Joe's also has lovely flowers. Last week we had the daffodils and this week it is irises. Brian bought me irises the week we got engaged at Pike Place Market in Seattle.
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  1. misswendy said...
    I cannot help but laugh over your Trader Joe's food list. We love that store, too, but unlike Brian, I HATE the sea salt almonds. I don't even know what posessed me to buy them since I am not a salt fan, but I thought maybe sea salt was different. Yea, it's STRONGER-hello! Too funny. If I still had them, I would send them to you. Our Trader Joe's give out free fruit leather to the kids who find a special stuffed animal hidden in the store. Between that and the balloons, it's almost as fun as Stew Leonard's!
    Ann said...
    What is Stew Leonard's? If it is fun like TJ's, we must find it!
    rusted sun said...
    I love love love Trader Joes. Sadly I haven't lived near one for a long time.

    The dried fruit section is amazing. Don't forget to try the flat bananas.

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