Back to Warsaw!!

Brian is already back in Poland (left a week ago) and I am lucky to join him kid free this weekend! It will be strange to be there without kids, but almost 30 weeks pregnant, I was not up to a big trip with kids. (We thought we would go together but then we found out about baby #3 and after the Italy trip, it just was not possible. We have hired my nephew to help my mom with the kids and they will be in very good hands. I am a bit nervous to leave them and go so far, but they will do great.)

We LOVE Warsaw and are so excited to see it in the summer! The Polish National Opera is doing 3 more shows of "The Fall of the House of Usher" the same production Brian was in in 2009. We are very happy he gets to return to the role.

The opera houses us in an apartment in the Grand Theatre, which is awesome!

The theatre is just a couple blocks from Old Town.

I will miss these little guys in Poland. Colin I think has some memories of our time there, Jane, probably not. It was a very great place to travel with kids.

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  1. Erin said...
    Hooray for a trip with no kids! FYI, no photos are displaying.

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