Birthday part 3

And for part 3, we headed up to Park City. Jane had not taken a nap but needed one so we had her sleep a bit in the car. The last time we were in Park City it was 19 degrees. The Park City Spring is further behind further down in the valley, tons of daffodils and tulips still.

Sadly we were too late for the Kimball Arts Center (we always love seeing what is there.) We actually spent most of our time in the LDS Family History Center since we knew there would be a bathroom for Colin's emergency. There were some very nice missionaries who let the kids play some games on-line, gave the kids ice cream cones and sang to Jane for her birthday. Jane was so cute when she realized the Happy Birthday song was for her. Brian sang a few hymns for the missionaries too, it was really quite fun.

Kids ran up Main Street.

We found a little stage and were treated to a special Colin and Jane Dance Extravaganza.
I cannot believe how big they both are!!

I love it when they get along. I would like to think we are at about 60% getting a long and 40% fighting. It is hard to tell.

We also ran down Main Street.

And the pay and display parking meters were amazing!

AND we watched some construction!!!

Happy birthday sweet little Jane Emmeline!!! We are so happy and lucky to have you!!!

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  1. rusted sun said...
    Now I feel like we neglected our kids birthday. :) It looks like you were having a lot of fun. Happy Birthday Jane!

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