Birthday part 2

For the next part of the birthday, we went to a little local indoor playplace to ride the big rides.
The little roller coaster goes pretty fast! The kids love it!

The ride goes forwards and backwards, and this was Colin's reaction to when it started to go backwards. I think it is kind of funny because just a few days earlier Colin had something going on that produced a lot of vomit. It actually was not funny, and happened near the top of our open, wooden stairs that go down 3 floors. He had had a lot of grape juice and there was purple vomit on both sides of the walls down all three flights. Poor Brian had to do the clean up as I attended to Colin. We also had a friend over who took it very well and stayed to help take care of Jane. I think a lot of people would have taken that as a cue to leave as quick as possible. Thank goodness for patient friends who know that sometimes kids vomit. Thanks goodness too it was a quick bug that did not go onto infect anyone else!

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