Birthday part 1

We have a 3 year old!!! We had a fun day for Jane in 3 parts (with a couple more birthday things this coming weekend). She is such a delightful child in so many sweet ways, but the tyrannical threes may be evident already!

We had fun opening a pile of presents.

We mainly got her baby type things for her dolls so she can do her own mommy things with her babies when the new baby comes. Hope it helps!! She (and Colin) as so excited for a new sister. They talk to the baby all the time and give my belly cuddles and Jane especially all the time talks about how much she loves the new baby. Hope it lasts!

She was a little excited.

And yes, we forgot to get actual birthday candles, but for the weekend she has a #3 sparkler for her big cake. She did not mind the tea lights. She had her birthday crown from her Grandma Stucki and a new princess skirt from Grandma Hinckley.

And she would have been happy if I had just put frosting in the little mini muffin papers.

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  1. Amy said...
    Three is a fun and challenging age. Jane looks so cute in her crown and cute outfit. Her skirt is adorable.

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