Museum of Ethnography

On Saturday, we went over to the Museum of Ethnography. I would have considered myself a very bad former Anthro major (and I spent several years teaching Ethnography) to not go. It was a great museum, great to see more of what real Polish life was like.

A great display of folk costumes.

And an amazing collection of wooden sculptures.

I best not show this one to Colin, he would probably get nightmares. I forgot to read what this was depicting, as I was too distracted by the cat lady and evil frog.

We are major suckers for Polish pottery, so fun to see some old pottery. We added a lot to our collection, our two roller bag carry-ons were all pottery. I am very lucky to be married to Brian as he also loves the pottery and does not mind lugging it home. We will set some beautiful tables, maybe in 10 years or so when kids are old enough to not break things.

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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    Polish woodcarving may be my favorite of all folk arts! Thanks for the pics. And glad you had a good trip!
    Ann said...
    Susan, we thought of you through the whole museum, wish you could have seen it, so amazing! We'll show you some more photos (the light was not so great).
    Teri said...
    I'm just a passer-by. After reading my friend's blog, I happened to come across yours. I just wanted to say . . . GREAT! I have never been to Poland, and it really gave me an idea of what is there. Your apt descriptions, along with a sense of humor really add to the enjoyment. Nice. And, happy baby to you!

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