More Lazienki Park

We have been back a few days, may as well post some more photos. I came home a little sick, but at least I was not sick in Warsaw, that would have been tragic.

Last Wednesday we spent a fun day exploring the interiors of all the former royal residences at Lazienki. It really is excessively lovely! This is the Palace on the Water.

We were very impressed with the restoration, as in one part of the palace they showed a lot of before and after photos. Sadly, the Nazis destroyed a lot of things when they were destroying Warsaw.

We were amused but this peacock showing off for a lady friend.

She was not impressed.

Admiring the fake ruins at the amphitheater, and looking a bit prego. If I had even been a couple more weeks along there is no way I would have been up to this trip! Thankfully we were never on a British Airways flight as they do not allow travel past 29 weeks without a doctor's note. (I had medical clearance to travel but did not get a note.)

We love a good Orangery! Lazienki has to of them, this one is now a lovely sculpture garden, and the other one is a fancy restaurant where we had a very fun dinner later that night. Brian had kept the reservation a surprise, it was a great night!

The above Orangery also had a full theatre inside, that dated from about the 1770's.
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