Corpus Christi

Thursday was a holiday in Poland and Brian was clever enough to figure out what it was beforehand (whereas we usually see something cool and look it up on Wikipedia after). It was Corpus Christi, and Brian had found out there would be a procession just a couple blocks from our apartment in the theatre. We headed over just to look and got totally swept up in it. It was very sweet and simple, everyone singing a hymn quietly and walking in the procession. I really found it quite moving, and thanks to crazy pregnancy hormones, was crying most of the time (so Brian took all the photos. I think it is great to spend time in a country with faith, so much so we can hardly see the churches here since there is very frequently a mass. We also have been talking a lot about ways to make Mormonism less boring, and I don't think the real answer is a Broadway musical. I guess the 24th of July parade is somewhat of a procession for us (and it would probably also make me cry in my current state). Brian feels like I have been very emotional around pageantry with this pregnancy. He sang all the Armed Forces anthems at a Memorial Day service in SLC and I was also crying. I did not know the anthems meant so much to me.

We moved with the procession up to the Saxon Gardens, just across from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We seriously could not have been in a better place as right in front of us they had the crowd open for the main part of the procession to continue.

Not sure what this was, but secretly hoping it was the Ark of the Covenant. (And I really do not want to be disrespectful, sarcasm runs too deep.)

The flower girls dressed in white for their first communion were darling. They would do an elaborate curtsy and throw their petals.

We think the man behind the elaborate gold cross is an archbishop or cardinal of Warsaw. Not sure if Warsaw has a cardinal. Wikipedia told us they used to.

Mary got to get some fresh air.

The band was quite good. No Sousa here though. They played with the processional hymn and in little interludes.

We loved these guys!!

Love the traditional dress.

This cute little girl was maybe a little tired of throwing petals. If you click to enlarge, you might find the look in her eyes a little creepy.

The procession stopped for little mini services in front of several of the churches on the last block of the Royal route. Yes, several churches in one block.

We really enjoyed the solemn show of faith and devotion. There were throngs of people out for this, and Brian and I had many conversations about how folks in the USA would need a lot more razzle dazzle to turn up for something like this in such large numbers.

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