Last night in Warsaw

Brian had his last show of Usher as a matinee on Saturday, so he was done working by 6pm. We took advantage of our last night in Warsaw (and last kidless night) by enjoying the twilight and taking a 5 mile walk through Old Town (with a stop at our favorite Indian place, they were so good that night) and then we walked along the river for a long time. It was perfect.

We stumbled upon some zombie war fare. Too bad our Polish vocab does not include the word, "why?" It was kind of funny though.

So many churches, and such pretty light.

We love walking down Nowy Swiat. It is so great, on the weekends they make the street pedestrian only. Find Brian in the above photo. He may look like he is smoking but we just shared a Magnum bar (which we heard will be available in the USA soon.) Colin, when he used to smell cigarette smoke would say it smelled like Poland.

We wandered down below Old Town more than we had before and found this cute little street dating from the 1830's. We imagine it was not destroyed in the war, seemed original, but then the reconstructed Old Town seems original to us. The re-building the Poles were able to do under communism is very impressive.

And below, I wanted an eerie photo of myself in the hallway to our apartment in the theatre. The hallway is a bit creepy, but we had an awesome apartment. We love being 2 floors away from Brian's work. Brian swears he heard very some strange things in the theatre, and I just could not think about it. It was bombed and the shell was used for some fighting in WWII. It is am amazing huge structure that is home to the National Opera, the National Ballet, and the National Theatre.

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  1. Joshua Tolley said...
    Magnum bars are here... I had two Monday night (*grin*)

    Also, seeing the hallway photo I couldn't help but think of this, (which is odd, because I haven't actually seen the movie)
    Ann said...
    Funny, I have never seen the Shining either but that is what we were going for. It is kind of a hallway of nightmares.

    And where are you getting Magnums? Good to know!
    Mendel Markel, said...
    We're very used to the Zombie stuff here in Pittsburgh. Lots of people into that here since Night of the Living dead was filmed here.They have an annual "zombie walk" with over 1,000 "zombies". Never fully understood it, but I guess it's good clean fun (clean figuratively but not necessarily in a literal sense lol)

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