Daddy's Halloween

So, I got really into Halloween this year, and decided to dress up as a Ceylonese fisherman. Actually, tonight we had our first orchestral dress rehearsal, which went really well. I love singing this role (Nadir in Bizet's Pearl Fishers). In truth I kind of do dig this somewhat elf inspired wig (really.. the director told the designer to 'think Legolas')

Me and Troy (aka Zurga), terrific baritone who also has a very glam wig (I think it's very Linda Carter). Oh.. and Buddha too.
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  1. malia said...
    I love the costumes and hope you are indeed having fun singing and looking the part. :)
    jungleprincess said...
    The Legolas Moreno looks awesome!! Too bad they won't let you keep that costume to use a different Halloween.
    andi said...
    That is AMAZING!!! Do you have a whole book of photos documenting all of your various looks through the years of opera?
    Ann said...
    Yes, Brian as Legolas Moreno. Sadly, the costumes cannot come with us. I would love to collect the wigs for my personal use.

    And we intended to get photos of Brian in all the opera costumes. We have a few, but usually the stage make up is so scary up close that photos can also be a little scary. My nephew came to one of Brian's opera's right before we got married and he was so freaked out by the stage make up he would not even get close to Brian.

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