Brian here- Since Pecan pie and orange coconut rolls were our addition to Thanksgiving with the Beasley family in Bloomington, I really needed my pie to be as tasty as possible. (We seem to crash the Beasley family for major holidays- last year it was Christmas eve and this year Easter and Thanksgiving). Super tasty pie depends upon the addition of a secret ingredient. Here's the secret (I'm not good at secrets): Golden Syrup. Golden Syrup is a partially inverted cane sugar syrup. It is a British product, usually found in a green tin from the Tate & Lyle's co. It has the consistency of molasses, but is a beautiful amber color and has pronounced caramel and butter flavors. It can be substituted for corn syrup (flavorless sickly sweet) in any recipe. In pecan pie, it lends an extra hit of caramel praline flavor to the filling and seems to tone down the ultra sweetness a bit. The problem: Golden syrup is not readily available in Louisville. I tried Whole Foods first. They used to carry it, but no longer. Then the calls. I googled all the international and specialy markets in the city. Call after call- no one stocked golden syrup. I asked for other suggestions from everyone I talked to. Finally, a guy at Lotsa Pasta suggested Burger's Supermarket. SUCCESS! They had 3 jars. Burger's is a cool little independent Grocer in one of the city old neighborhoods that's been running for the last 50 years. It has a fun small town feel, but stocks lots of imported and hard to find foods. Burger's saves the day!
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  1. Persianlass said...
    I will try this divine pie recipe. I also wanted to say thank you for your final comment on Andi's blog regarding the "Beck" talk. I wish I was as articulate as you Anne.
    Kisses to your boys.
    with Love
    Ann said...
    Hi Nadia

    If anyone will understand the Golden Syrup it is you. And I kept meaning ask about your Farsi translating, and I loved your old family photos. (I'll make a comment on your blog.) I also loved your thought in Andi's thread. Very interesting. Hope you all are also very well. We hope to get to your area sometime and would love to catch up.
    Jessica said...
    That pie was good. I tasted it. I was really good.
    Ann said...
    It must also be said that Jessica made a lovely Key Lime pie. I loved how it was not too sweet but yummy and tart. It was a good Thanksgiving.
    jungleprincess said...
    Wow, those pecans look like they were ARRANGED that way! I'll have to give you my chocolate-pecan-rum pie recipe (D likes to call it "rum pie") which is what made D decide that he wanted me.
    Dave-n-Fam said...
    The Corvallis Stuckis are VERY familiar with Golden Syrup... it's also a Canadian thing (Nichole's mother is Canadian by birth). We always keep a stock pile at home and Nichole's mom always brings us some from her yearly trip to the Great White North.

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