My favorite studio

I had the good fortune of remembering I am a photographer by shooting these two lovely ladies yesterday afternoon. My preferred place to shoot head shots is in a glass stairwell on the Indiana University campus. As Brian is my lighting designer, he added some additional side light by hand holding the flash. Both women photographed very well.

I love photographing people in lots of different life events. Almost two years ago I shot Sally's wedding (below) so it was fun to photograph her again.

Colin was a pretty good boy since he had to be entertained in a stair well for a couple of hours after only an hour nap in the car. Sally's husband came and was very sweet to play with him, and Colin was entertained by the two bottles.
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  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    Lovely pictures of two lovely ladies!

    PS--It was great to run into you yesterday.
    Ann said...
    Nice to see you too Miss Hass, sorry so brief. Come to Louisville, and we will be back in Indiana too.
    malia said...
    yeah ms. photographer! fun for you!

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