All Hallows Eve

Brian here. I normally carve a very scary pumpkin, but I didn't want Colin to be traumatized by his first Jack-o-Lantern (he was a little concerned even about his trick or treating pumpkin that had a face on it- until it had candy in it.) So since he likes kitties, and cats are Halloweeny, I thought this theme would do. We have another pumpkin which I will carve into something deathly tomorrow to see what he thinks.

Colin used the scoop to carry the pumpkin guts across the room to the garbage. We moved the garbage closer to avoid the guts trail across the carpet, but he liked it where it was and moved it back. He seemed to know they were some kind of guts though- he kept saying, 'ewww...ewww'

He liked the puzzle aspect of the pumkin's lid.

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