I believe my sister-in-law tagged me, so six things most people do not know about me. . .

-I walked to Nicaragua. (ok, it was from Costa Rica and I was only 2km away, but I went over the border. It was after a land dispute when a group of people tried to make a new country called "Friendship". I got a grant from BYU to go back and study the effects of the incident when I was 21.)

-speaking of Costa Rica, as a teenager I was inspired by a random Daniel Day Lewis film where he was a traveling dentist in Patagonia. The movie was called Eversmile, New Jersey. (I read some interview from DD Lewis saying something to the effect that he regretted this movie.) But a few days after High School graduation I went to work with a traveling dentist in rural Costa Rica, and then spent 4 summers working on humanitarian projects in Latin America, before spending 18 months in Argentina on mission for my Church. My mom was born in Chile, so I am half Latina.

-Since I learned from Amberly, I LOVE to teach people to breathe fire. I prefer to not teach people under age 21 since only adults should play with matches. From breathing fire, I thought I had burned off my eyebrows about 4 days before my wedding.

-I have a wider variety of work experience than Homer Simpson. My past jobs include bi-lingual health educator, anthropology teacher, ESL teacher, labor and postpartum doula and prenatal educator, professional car seat installer, photographer, community/school social worker, Director of Social Services for a long term care facility, and I coordinated charity grants with lenders and Realtors to name a few. Now I try to keep my toddler from burning down our hotel.

-Although I am not an opera singer like my husband, I had a dream that I had to perform in an opera and sing an aria about how much I loved my wig. In real life I do love prosthetic hair and would love a good wig. I wish I could wear them for religious reasons.

-I fell in love with my husband when I was 18 and we got married 10 years later. It is a long story. (Ok, lots of people know that one.) For Brian's 31st birthday I finally let him see all the angry poetry I wrote about him when I was 18-19.

So I get to tag people, is that how this works? So TL, DLF, Krispy, Rusted Sun, Carolyn and Julie and any other former BYU roommates.


  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    I love that you wrote angry poetry about Brian!

    I can just imagine you chasing after Colin going, "Give mommy the matches!" Too funny.
    singin'mama said...
    These are all good reasons why I just love you Ann! Not only are you hilarious but probably the most interesting person I've ever met. And, 10 years of waiting deserve the right to tease him a little. Just kidding Brian, I think you're great too! By the way Brian, did you know you made the prestigious music alumni list in the BYU magazine last month? Rob felt a little jipped, but he'll get over it I'm sure....maybe.
    Ann said...
    Hi Maria, yeah, the angry poetry is pretty funny.

    And Kara, Brian was wondering why Rod is not in there. Who knows who gave them the list of people to check up on. We know Rob is a BYU music alumnae (is that the masculine way to say it?) who should be listed!
    jungleprincess said...
    I told D that I can also breathe fire (when we were looking at this post), and I offered to demonstrate, and he got kind of upset, thinking I was going to do something dangerous that would harm the fetus (like put kerosene in my mouth or something dumb). I kept insisting that it was a very safe substance, but he wouldn't believe me because all the sites he found on fire-breathing listed harmful substances. He finally found THE SECRET SUBSTANCE, but then it was kind of ruined. So sad!
    Ann said...
    Silly Mr. Jungleprincess thinking breathing fire would be dangerous to his wife and unborn child. We are crazy but not too dumb.

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