A little wound up

A few photos from the getting ready for bed last night. I was on Skype with Juliet so Brian was in charge and got all these cute shots. We do wish more friends would get on Skype because then we can make video calls for free. It is very fun. So Colin realized how fun it would be to jump off the couch onto his bed. We got him this kids Aerobed since he has defeated the port-a-crib. He loves the moon and stars on the cover, but frequently rolls off in the night and just sleeps on the floor.

He was avoiding putting on his jammies, but they are waiting for him on the couch.

We do love the pure joy of being a toddler. Don't love the tantrums so much, but the good times make up for the bad.

Pretend nigh night, a long time before he really fell asleep.
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  1. malia said...
    Wow! So is he still giving you a hard time with bedtime? I bet he loved all that jumping around. What a fun time he must have with you two!

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