Colin was a bit unsure about cooperating for the camera, but he warmed up a bit. We still had to work pretty fast. We sat him on a bar stool so he could not run away.

My mom made this sweet sweater for Colin's first birthday.

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  1. rusted sun said...
    He looks really cute.
    When I cut the hair of little kids, I like to place them in a large cardboard box (that I call a pretend car). Then I place them in front of the television. It keeps them quiet and still for the hair cut.
    Ann said...
    Hey Alisa! I have been meaning to call you to say hello. We will have to try the car/tv duo. Colin just loves the scissors though. He is very high energy, but did anyone think Brian and I would have calm children?
    Anonymous said...
    These are darling photos Ann. Great job (and what an amazing sweater).
    malia said...
    Oh wow! he looks like a little boy here! the baby is leaving and he is a little boy! that is so crazy. he does need a hair cut, but he is sure cute with all of that hair.

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